Finally, a bluetooth headset I like: Samsung WEP410

I have purchased more bluetooth headsets in recent years than I’d like to admit, but never found one I really liked until recently. They were always too small, too large, too uncomfortable, poor voice/audio quality, etc., etc. However, I stumbled across the Samsung WEP410 about a month ago, and have been very impressed.


The hardware is small and simple. There’s a large on/off/redial button on the side, with volume buttons on the periphery. Something nice about this headset that isn’t available on a lot of bluetooth headsets: Mute.

It doesn’t provide an over-the-ear hook but includes 3 sizes of ear gels so the user is sure to get a good fit.  I find the fit snug, but very comfortable.

I have found voice/audio quality to be very good, without dropouts, static or other degradation. I tend to use it in fairly quiet environments, so can’t speak to its performance in noisy places like airports or stores.

It’s also quite inexpensive: $45.99 on, before a $30 rebate.

For me, the WEP410 has been perfect: Great call quality, comfortable, easy to use. I found it when I thought I’d never find a bluetooth headset I’d like, and wound up buying a spare (1 for laptop bag, 1 for handbag).


2 responses to “Finally, a bluetooth headset I like: Samsung WEP410

  1. It just so happens that I reeeeally need a new headset. I was going to go with the jawbone 2 but I can’t get over how ugly it is!

    So my important question is this: Does it get loud?

  2. Hi Zacharye – it does get loud (you can really crank up the volume)! 🙂 However, I noticed that driving around with the windows open (fair amount of wind noise) did introduce some garbling for the other party. Otherwise, it performed pretty well in a loud environment.

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