Outlook’s most overlooked feature


At the outset, some context: I’m an enterprise and home user of Microsoft Outlook. That means that I use it to keep track of nearly everything in my life, and have used it since I can’t even remember when. About a year ago, I stopped ignoring Outlook’s Journal feature, and got organized in a whole new way.

Journal is an easy way to document detailed notes for meetings (either before or after), phone calls, and other events. If used in this way, it’s a great tool for archiving important details for later preparation of your half-yearly/yearly individual scorecards. You can also use it for time tracking (although I prefer tsheets for that). In addition, you can use Journal to track Microsoft Office items (like Word docs, Powerpoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, etc.).

Microsoft offers excellent resources for helping users get up to speed on Journal, here’s one for starters. If you’ve never tried Journal, its value add is definitely worth the brief learning curve.


One response to “Outlook’s most overlooked feature

  1. hi Karen! Thanks for the kudos regarding TSheets. If you have any questions and/or suggestions for the TSheets team, feel free to contact us!

    Thanks again!

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