Kindle: Still too expensive at $359

kindleIn the spirit of full disclosure, I admit I’m a huge Amazon fan – it’s my first stop for anything I want to buy online. So, when Amazon announced the Kindle, I was intrigued. After researching its feature set, I decided that even though Kindle is an interesting product, I didn’t want to pay $399 for it.

This morning, I awoke to an email announcing that Kindle’s price has been reduced to $359. Even for a 4-star product, $359 is too much.

The magic price point at which I’ll become a Kindle owner? $199.

Admittedly, I’ve found other options for digitally consuming books:

Of course, when Kindle 2.0 is released, I’ll be one of the first reading up on it. And if it’s priced at $199 or less, I’ll finally buy one.

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