iPhone 3G or Samsung Omnia?


The iPhone 3G is quite inviting, to be sure. However, there’s a another interesting touch-screen phone to be released in the U.S. later this year: Samsung Omnia. I’ve been watching some videos to get a better “feel” for the Omnia, and I must say it looks pretty compelling (not to say the iPhone 3G, doesn’t!).

So, what does the Samsung Omnia have that the iPhone 3G doesn’t? A 5mp camera – something photographers can’t help but love. And, for those of us employed by large corporations, the Omnia’s windows mobile professional OS offers Outlook integration capabilities generally unmatched by other mobile operating systems.

Arne at theunwired.net has done a thorough job of reviewing the Samsung Omnia, and posted two videos:

Video #1: Hardware review

Video #2: Software review

Both videos are very well done. If you only watch one, watch the Software video – Arne actually goes through the user interface icon-by-icon (exactly the way I check out new devices).

And, of course, Apple has published an extensive guided tour video to help educate would-be buyers about all the features offered by the iPhone 3G.

I confess, both the iPhone 3G and Samsung Omnia turn my head. The Omnia’s camera and windows mobile platform are definite advantages (for me), but there’s always Apple’s “it just works” ease of use. I’m guessing no matter which of these phones one chooses, it’d be a winner.


One response to “iPhone 3G or Samsung Omnia?

  1. O samsung omnia e bem melhor nos quisitos de camera, e windows, mais o iphone supero no seu touch screen, o resto nao presta nada

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