Pets for Patriots: Helping Military Service Members in Transition and Adult Shelter Pets

jack-lucyI love my pets and generally adopt adult pets from shelters. Why? Because…

What if we could help adult shelter pets get adopted into loving homes and provide comfort to U.S. Military personnel in transition, as well? What if that synergy of causes could reap results far beyond either cause alone?

Pets for PatriotsThat’s the calling of Pets for Patriots, a nonprofit organization founded by Beth Zimmerman:

  • Facilitate hard-to-place shelter animal adoptions by military personnel, working with our network of member shelters, veterinarians and other pet care providers
  • Improve the well-being of service personnel through companion pet adoption, a humane way of easing the stresses of military transitions as service members return from deployment, re-enter civilian life or retire
  • Foster education and awareness of the causes, conditions and numbers of animals relinquished to shelters each year in the United States, enjoining individuals around the country to our cause
  • Educating the military community and the public about the numerous benefits of adult shelter pet adoption

I’ve felt powerless reading stories of returning service members and the stresses they can endure. I’m happy to support Pets for Patriots in their work helping our service members while also helping to get adult (and special needs) pets adopted into loving homes.jack-sweetlook

If you are a U.S. Service Member in transition interested in adopting an adult pet, you can read more here and then apply for the program here. You can review participating shelters and participating veterinarians. Note that member Patriots are also eligible for special discounts on pet products and services.

If you haven’t heard of Pets for Patriots, I encourage you to visit their web site and read about their fine work. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to this 501(c)3 organization. If you cannot afford to make a donation, please spread the word to help others learn of the services offered – by doing so, you’ll be helping two very deserving populations!

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