I love Dropbox!

Oh, Dropbox, how I love you! I find Dropbox is the easiest way to access my files from a variety of locations (laptop, smartphone, tablet). It’s also easy to share files with friends. It’s one of those online products that works so well anyone from a computer novice to hardcore geek can use it with ease.

And did I mention…. Dropbox offers 2GB of online storage for free accounts.

If you haven’t tried Dropbox, you can use this referral link to get an additional 250MB free (=2.250GB total): http://db.tt/8YJPTes

I can’t recommend Dropbox highly enough, it’s been a great way to store and access my files. For another user’s perspective, see Dropbox: The Most Essential Writer’s Tool.

Note: An earlier version of this post included some errors (which have since been corrected). Thanks to http://writingonlinux.wordpress.com/ for commenting to let me know!


4 responses to “I love Dropbox!

  1. Dropbox really is the best. Once upon a time I used to hesitate before reformatting my laptop, but with Dropbox installed, I can mess up my computer to my heart’s content without fear for my files.

    One thing though: I’m pretty sure the capacity is 2GB, not 3GB. Still, loads of space I’d say.

    Oh, and don’t forget you can access earlier revisions of files, too! Excellent space to store volatile data, like an easily corruptible wiki-on-a-stick or a quicksave file for a game. Yeah, I just love this service.

  2. Thanks so much for your comment and the correction! I’ve updated my post to reflect the proper storage amount.

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  4. Don’t forget you can get a lot of free space by referrals. I current have 5 gigs in my free account.

    The other really neat feature is the history. Dropbox keeps a history of your files. I recently deleted some work files inadvertently while cleaning up my folders. I didn’t know this until I needed those files. I was able to restore all my deleted files from Dropbox.

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