Samsung Series 5 Chromebook has arrived!

Last year, I applied to participate in Google‘s Chrome OS beta project. About a week later, I was amazed and delighted to find a free CR-48 on my front porch. I used the CR-48 as my main computer for 6 months, and enjoyed it. It was fun seeing Chrome OS evolve over time and I enjoyed the experience. (For more on the CR-48, see my previous posts here, here, here, and here.)

Fast forward to last week, when a Google email arrived offering the Arctic White Samsung Series 5 3G Chromebook for $499 via While I thought $499 was a bit pricey for what’s essentially a netbook, I went for it. It arrived today!

My initial reaction to Samsung Series 5 Chromebook:

  • Gorgeous, solid hardware
  • Lovely white lid, adorned by Chrome logo
  • Responsive, easy to use “island” type keyboard
  • Love the matte screen
  • As with the CR-48, the cap-lock key is replaced by a search key
  • Long battery life (10+ hours)
  • 100MB Verizon 3G data per month free for 2 years (with opportunity to buy add-on data on a month-by-month basis)


I can see taking the Chromebook with me when traveling or when I want to work at a café – no worries about losing precious personal data if it’s lost or stolen. It’s small, light, and very portable. I enjoy the full screen view and find it fun to use.

Would I recommend Chromebook to friends? Sure, it’s easy to use, low maintenance, and super portable. Because Google is aggressively improving Chrome OS, using it becomes even more enjoyable over time. I expect the price will drop after it’s been on the market for a few months, and come Christmas may be priced to make the perfect holiday gift.

10 responses to “Samsung Series 5 Chromebook has arrived!

  1. Does it seem faster/more responsive than the Cr-48?

  2. Yes. Sometimes CR-48 lagged. The Samsung hardware seems much more robust and there are fewer if any lags.

  3. Great!! I’m on the fence as to whether or not I should upgrade from the Cr-48 to the Series 5. My two biggest issues with the Cr-48 are the trackpad (websites seem to “bounce” back up a few lines when I scroll) and the slowness of some websites in loading and navigating. For example, Twitter scrolls really slowly on my Cr-48. If those issues aren’t as significant on the Samsung, I’d be inclined to upgrade.

    Thanks for the quick response, btw!

  4. No problem!

    You’re referring to 2-fingered scrolling? I just tried scrolling on and it seemed responsive. If there are certain web pages you’d like me to check for scrolling and/or see how (quickly/slowly) they load, I’d be happy to take a peek.

    I set both the CR-48 as well as the Samsung to “Click to play” plug-ins (via the “About:Flags” page) because so many sites have video set to auto-play. It drives me crazy when I have multiple tabs open can’t figure out which one is playing a file (that I didn’t initiate).

  5. Lol, I can understand that! Yes, two finger scrolling is what seems to be the issue. I love my Cr-48 to death but that and the slowness on some sites bugs me quite a bit. Ironically, the Cr-48 pilot group page seems to scroll really poorly for me on the Cr-48 as well—with two finger scrolling that is. With a mouse it is fine.

    Thanks again for the help! I’ve been scouring the net trying to find a comparison of the Cr-48 and the Series 5 to help me decide on upgrading. Your info is very welcome!

  6. I just went to the CR-48 pilot group page and did some 2-finger scrolling with my phone camcorder on. That video is posted here:

    I don’t use 2-finger scrolling very often so it’s probably not as smooth as someone who is better coordinated 😉

    If there’s something else I can help check out for you, just let me know!

  7. Wow! A video and everything! Thanks a million! That looks MUCH smoother than my Cr-48. Do pages in general seem to load faster on your Samsung versus the Cr-48?

  8. Yes, pages do seem to load faster than on the cr-48. With the cr-48, there were times I’d notice the machine “bogging down” if I set a folder w/many (25+) bookmarks to open. I haven’t noticed that with the samsung. (My guess is that Google went with lower-powered hardware to, understandably, keep costs down for pilot — I’m still thrilled they sent me a cr-48 🙂

    I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the Samsung — I like the chromebook experience but it’s a little spendy @ $500. Now that I have it and have used it for several days, I’m glad I got it — the hardware is nice, has a solid feel. Keyboard is good, trackpad is well-behaved 😉 system is definitely more responsive than cr-48.

    If your main cr-48 concerns are responsiveness (page load) and trackpad scrolling, I think you’ll be happy with the samsung.

  9. Perfect! Thanks again for being so helpful. Enjoy your Chromebook.

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