Google+: New & Improved

Participating in the Google+ field trial reminds me a lot of my recent CR-48 pilot experience: Googlers are listening closely to feedback and quickly making adjustments to improve user experience.

I published some initial thoughts about Google+ yesterday. Since then, Google’s already enabled some feature enhancements, so a follow-up post is in order. For more about Google+ feature set, see this Google+ Project article.

Late yesterday, Google+ rolled out two very welcome enhancements based on user feedback:

  • Revising how limited distribution posts can be shared.
  • Revising post stream algorithm to ensure that highly-commented posts don’t crowd out other posts at the top of user streams.

I’m delighted by what Google is offering in Google+ thus far, and excited to see how it evolves. I love that Google is listening to users and demonstrating sensitivity to privacy concerns and data portability… Google+ feels like the anti-Facebook!

Other things I love about Google+ so far:

  • Open internationally from the outset: Some of my favorite people live outside the U.S. and my Google+ experience wouldn’t be as fun without them!
  • Not just rank and file Googlers are interacting with G+ users, but executive level folks are also accessible, as this Bits column notes. Sure, it’s PR, but it’s still cool.
  • That my posts can be as public or as private as I wish.

Some enhancement requests I’ve submitted since my last post:

  • As my follower list grows, it’s becoming more time-intensive to identify users not already added to circles. Would love to have a 4th link on the Circles page, something like “Followers not in your circles”, to help me identify them more quickly.
  • I love the Android app!! As an SGS2 user, I’d love for the app to offer the option of a black background (theme), to minimize battery drain due to the super amoled screen.

Will continue to post my thoughts about Google+. So far, I’m impressed!

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