Kindle Paperwhite: Not perfect, but (for me) perfect enough

KC slate 01 lg V389678398

In the week following my recent Kindle post (My experience with Kindles released 9/2012, includes Paperwhite), I’ve focused on using my Kindle Paperwhite 3g as I would any other e-ink reader. I felt inspired by a paperwhite user review that read (paraphrased), “The Paperwhite isn’t perfect, but it’s perfect enough.”

Sure, I’d love to see the paperwhite’s screen completely even without any shadows at any light setting. But when I set the lighting as follows, I found the screen pleasant:
Based on ambient lighting, push the Paperwhite light setting up to where the light is visible, and then move to the setting immediately below that.

For me, that approach seems to provide the whitest screen, clearest text, and most pleasant reading experience.


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