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Review: Walking with the Mailman

Walking with the Mailman
Walking with the Mailman by Austin Brown
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Several years ago, I bought a house in an older neighborhood… the kind of neighborhood where the mailman walks his route and delivers mail to boxes mounted on houses (rather than street-side mailboxes). I quickly learned there’s one person who knows *everything* about the neighborhood: The mailman!

Austin Brown shares his “day in the life of a mailman” experiences with humor and kindness: From the aggressive dog whose owner swears it won’t bite, to older residents who fret over his well-being when he misses a day on his route, to the antics of his more experienced colleagues. He mentions what he sees on his route: Children grow up, older residents become ill, tragedies that can befall the residents, and because of his role as their mailman, “feels a measure of their pain.”

I thoroughly enjoyed Walking With The Mailman, and highly recommend it. It gave me insights into my mailman’s experiences and an even greater respect for his role in our neighborhood.

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Review: The Aquatic Labyrinth

The Aquatic Labyrinth
The Aquatic Labyrinth by Alastair Fontana
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Aquatic Labyrinth is the story of Jacopo, a man wrongly suspected of murder in the fourteenth century, and his adventures following that ill-fated event. This was a very fast read because the story is so mesmerizing, with many masterful plot twists. The prose flows lyrically and poetically, with historic details of Venice sprinkled throughout. I found The Aquatic Labyrinth to be a fascinating novel, and I await Mr. Fontana’s future work with anticipation.

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