Dyson Hot & Cool Heater Fan: Post-recall perspective

dyson_hot_am04Recently, Dyson issued a recall for its AM04 and AM05 model Hot & Cool fans. These are expensive (approximately $400) but offer bladeless air movement and as such are generally safer for curious pets and small children. I’ve used Dyson fans for about 3 years: My first Dyson purchase was the tower fan (AM02).

A few months ago, I received email notification from Dyson that their Hot & Cool fans were under safety recall. The email asked me to submit my product registration number at their web site, and upon confirming that my product (1st generation Hot & Cool fan, AM04) was indeed being recalled, instructions for taking the fan to UPS to be packaged and reshipped to Dyson. I didn’t have to do anything special, just take the fan itself to UPS and they did all the work for me. UPS gave me a receipt to prove I’d shipped the fan back to Dyson.

Yesterday, I came home to find a Dyson Hot & Cool fan on my front porch, the result of my recall return. Upon inspection, I realized it was brand new and was the newer model (AM05) rather than the AM04 that I’d sent back. With summer starting this weekend, I was very happy to have my Hot & Cool fan back since I use it year-round in the living room.

So, what do I think about Dyson post-recall?

I am impressed by how Dyson stood behind their products, made the product return process hassle-free, and not only returned the replacement quickly, sent an upgraded model (since my AM04 apparently couldn’t be repaired). I don’t perceive safety recalls as a flaw in manufacturing per se — sometimes hardware/software bugs aren’t apparently immediately post-production. I’m very pleased that Dyson seemed to take action promptly upon identifying the problem, rather than dragging their feet (or even trying to hide the problem) like some companies.

Kudos, Dyson! Your products are expensive but work very well and I appreciate your product support: Consider me a satisfied (and now even more loyal) customer.


5 responses to “Dyson Hot & Cool Heater Fan: Post-recall perspective

  1. Very helpful review — will keep this fan in mind for the future. Like the bladeless aspect. Currently using a Vornado that sits above the floor to keep blades away from Charley. Recently added two relatively inexpensive Bionaire window fans which help keep apartment from getting much hotter than outside air. Dyson sounds like good future option for heating and cooling. Thanks for your review!

  2. Thanks, Bill! I appreciate the links — will check these out!

  3. I have had the opposite experience. I also had returned my fan 11 weeks ago. When I called in and gave them my tracking #, they could not find my fan! They did say they would replace it, but it has been 3 weeks and I have not received it or any communication from Dyson.
    Horrible customer service!

  4. My experience is even worse. I sent in a working unit (hardly used) and have not needed to use the unit since they returned it to me supposedly “fixed” only to find that (now that my house a/c is needing repaired) the dyson cooling doesn’t work at all. I will be calling the company tomorrow. I purchased this at costco a couple of years ago so guess my other option is to return it there. At over $400, I really feel ripped off.

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