Trying Ting Mobile

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I’ve had cellular service on each of the major carriers: Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T. The one constant across each: I don’t use alot of minutes, text or data, and have wound up paying for more than I used.

So, it made sense to try Ting Mobile and see how much money I can save with ‘pay only for what you use’ service. Ting bills itself as “A smarter way to do mobile. The average Ting bill is just $23 per phone, per month.”

In case you haven’t heard of Ting, and I hadn’t until just recently, Ting was tied for first place by Consumer Reports for traditional (post-paid) cellular plans.

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Ting Mobile benefits:

  • No contract.
  • Low cost (depending on your usage).
  • Ting offers a rate calculator to estimate your bill before you sign-up, and a useful dashboard for customers to keep track of usage.
  • Excellent customer service (I contacted chat with a technical question… quick & helpful).
  • You can choose either GSM (T-Mobile network) or CDMA (Sprint network) when you set up your account. (I chose GSM.)
  • You can bring your own device (I’m using my unlocked T-Mobile Note 5).

Potential drawbacks:

  • Probably not the best choice for a teen, someone who travels frequently, or someone who uses alot of data.
  • Ting Mobile doesn’t offer visual voicemail. (I use my Google Voice account for visual voicemail, and it works great with Ting.)

Something interesting about Ting: They actively offer advice for ways to limit your usage. One tip: Making calls via Hangouts app over wifi — thus using no Ting voice minutes — this has worked well for me when making outgoing calls from home.

I want cellular network coverage where I spend my time (home & work) and great customer service… Ting provides both and I’m pleased with Ting Mobile. If you’d like to try Ting, you can use this referral link to save $25 on your Ting device or Ting service.

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