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The best case I never expected to like: Rearth Ringke case for SGS2

Ringke sgs2 case

Full disclosure: I was contacted by Rearth and asked if I’d like to review their Ringke Case for Samsung Galaxy S II. I was hesitant at first, then thought…. why not? Despite receiving this case for free, what you’ll read below is my candid, unvarnished view. Read on…

Thin and light, but any downside?
I love the idea of skin cases but in practice find them hideous… they are usually lint magnets and with a long-haired cat at my house, well, you get the picture. So, when the Rearth rep asked me if I’d like to review a case I thought would share this issue, what did I think? Well, my very first thought was, “Ugh!” Then, I realized I had nothing to lose, so why not?

Thankfully, I was very wrong about this case. When I received it, I first noticed its unique feel. Thin, close-fitting with a slightly grippy feel. And I was delighted to find the surface didn’t have that lint-magnet “feature” of so many other thin, light cases! Despite leaving the case on surfaces my cat likes to walk across, the case consistently looked brand new and lint-free. Another bonus: The surface never showed fingerprints. Nice!

I even asked a friend what she thought. Her reaction? “I like the texture.”

Which brings me to… fit
I was delighted to find that the case fit the SGS2 like a glove and the cut-outs are properly sized. Volume up/down buttons are covered but still easy to find and manipulate.

Another interesting find: Despite being a tight fit within my HTC EVO 4G messenger side case, the case didn’t stretch out.

The case is available in several colors, some quite bright and other more subtle tones. I received a black case and it’s very professional looking — it’s suitable for a conservative office environment.

Bottom line?
I like this case alot. I expected to use it for a few days and then take it off, but found that I didn’t want to remove it! It retains the thin form factor of the SGS2 and provides a slightly grippy texture to make dropping the phone less likely. It looks good, feels good, and I couldn’t find any downside. Highly recommended. (More photos, below)

Case and box