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More on Nokia E71

More impressions on the Nokia E71 (from afar… I haven’t had a chance to actually use one. Yet 😉

It is surprising small. Watching this phone scoop video review, the phone is clearly quite petite — the reviewer’s hand seems huge in comparison. The E71 is clearly dramatically smaller when compared to earlier Nokia qwerty phones like the E61i.

Another interesting feature is the camera’s autofocus speed, as demonstrated in phonescoop’s video. I’ve used the Nokia N95 extensively (fantastic multimedia device, btw), and the E71 appears to autofocus even more quickly than the N95. Note, however, that the N95 camera is 5MP, while the E71 camera is only 3MP — still, a Nokia 3MP camera still far exceeds the quality of most camera phones, especially those on qwerty phones.

I’m still reading up on the E71, but it really tempting. I may have to get one.