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Fitbit Ultra upgraded to Fitbit One


About a year ago, I posted an article describing my experience with various fitness gadgets: Updated! Fitness tech gadgets: My “road test” results. At that time, I liked the Fitbit Ultra but found it was far too easy to lose due to a slippery holster.

Fast forward a year…

Fitbit One, the 2012 update to the 2011 Fitbit Ultra, seemed to be such an minor upgrade that I almost passed on getting it. I’m glad I did pick up a Fitbit One, because the refinements all together improve the Fitbit experience dramatically.

I won’t reiterate the Fitbit One specs here, but rather share my initial impressions after having used it for several days:

  • Holster: MUCH improved. Now, rather than a slippery plastic, it’s a thin rubbery material. It’s so grippy that I sometimes have trouble removing it after having clipped it to a pocket.
  • Display: The Fitbit One’s display is much brighter and easier to read.
  • Sync: Now, rather than only syncing with a charging device attached to your computer via USB, you can sync the One to your phone’s Fitbit app via bluetooth. Will be handy when traveling.
  • Sleep wrist band: I found the Ultra’s sleep wrist band (that you insert the device into and wrap around your wrist to capture sleep data) to be uncomfortable. The Fitbit One’s sleep wrist band is completely redesigned and much more comfortable. It can be wrapped more loosely around your wrist at night (but still snug enough to hold the Fitbit One securely).

The Fitbit web dashboard remains unchanged, but it was already so well-designed and useful that I don’t consider that an issue. I also have the Aria wifi scale that syncs to the Fitbit web dashboard, and find the dashboard very useful: It shows my weight, BMI, sleep (hours per night & quality), exercise time and intensity, etc. In addition to reviewing static metrics, I like how the dashboard allows me to monitor trends.

If you’ve tried the Fitbit Ultra and liked it, I highly recommend the Fitbit One as a worthy upgrade.

Questions? Let me know via comments.