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Powerful, heartfelt video tribute to Newtown

As a Connecticut resident, I think of 12/14 every day. I grieve for those lost, and send loving thoughts to those trying to rebuild their lives after the unimaginable occurred. Those who grieve do not grieve alone, for all of Connecticut and many across the nation and world stand with you.

There have been many tributes and songs written to honor Sandy Hook students and teachers. This song and video by O.Nitty has resonated for me in an unusual way — I first saw it yesterday and have thought of it several times since.

Is it the beautiful cinematography, the moving lyrics, a Dad’s empathy for the parents? I don’t know, but it’s powerful. Beautiful and poignant…

Just a few things I’ve learned from my dog

My dog, Jack, makes it his mission in life to love every person he meets, complete with big sloppy kisses. I got to thinking, what if people lived their lives more like dogs?

Here are just a few things I’ve learned from my dog:



Sometimes it’s good just to rest quietly







  It’s nice to share time  with good friends







It feels good to trust, and to be trusted






It’s important to stop & smell the roses (or grass)







   It’s okay to be a little cranky at times






Sometimes our friends are a lot like us, and at the same time, very different





Be yourself