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I love Dropbox!

Oh, Dropbox, how I love you! I find Dropbox is the easiest way to access my files from a variety of locations (laptop, smartphone, tablet). It’s also easy to share files with friends. It’s one of those online products that works so well anyone from a computer novice to hardcore geek can use it with ease.

And did I mention…. Dropbox offers 2GB of online storage for free accounts.

If you haven’t tried Dropbox, you can use this referral link to get an additional 250MB free (=2.250GB total): http://db.tt/8YJPTes

I can’t recommend Dropbox highly enough, it’s been a great way to store and access my files. For another user’s perspective, see Dropbox: The Most Essential Writer’s Tool.

Note: An earlier version of this post included some errors (which have since been corrected). Thanks to http://writingonlinux.wordpress.com/ for commenting to let me know!